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This is life changing

Memphis City Public Schools

Seriously Beautiful

Teach for America

Earth shatteringly helpful


I've found the holy grail

North Carolina

So easy to use and I’m a paper and pencil girl!

Mary Stokes
Mary Stokes
Baltimore, MD

I never thought I could use a digital planner, now I'll never go back!

Lisa Harvey
5th Grade in Wichita, KS

This will be my 3rd year teaching and I wish I would have discovered this sooner. I used the free trial last school year and it was a total game changer! My lessons went smoother, I felt more organized, and I felt like a better teacher.

Andrea Pessoa
Andrea Pessoa
Waupaca, WI

Everything you need to add, change, or bump in your daily curriculum. No more tedious handwriting out plans each week


With in person meetings limited this year because of COVID, Common Curriculum has been a LIFESAVER in helping to ensure my team is all on the same page

New York

This is one of the most efficient, time saving, and user-friendly lesson planning resource that I’ve used! I wish I was able to pick my favorite feature, but there are so many…color coding, standards searching tool, myriad of templates, downloading capabilities - it rocks!!!!!


This makes my teaching life more organized and accessible. I could not imagine planning without it.

New Mexico

This is, by far, the simplest, most user friendly lesson planner I have ever used. Making changes is easy and I can copy from one lesson to another.

Robin Buckland
Robin Buckland
West Virgnia

I've been in education for 27 years and I've been with you all since the early days, and ...I've never found a replacement for Cc - a tool I so heavily rely on. The link to Cc in my website is absolutely INVALUABLE! Cc is crucial in my planning and delivery of instruction. It also allows all stakeholders to view my classroom goals, lessons and resources.

Kristel Anuszewski
Cambridge, MA

I linked the day to my Google classroom so students at home in Zoom and students in class can see the standards and objectives for the day. They can access the lessons even if they are unable to connect from home. And students who are absent can still follow the activities for the day!


Common Curriculum provides me with everything that I need in a lesson planner. It allows me to share to my Google Classroom and my admin/parents. It is appealing and allows me to customize it to what I want. I love it!


I find the planbook extremely easy to use. Being able to add standards, videos, google docs, google slides, etc. makes our days run smoothly. The organization makes daily setup and sub plans much easier. Thank you!


Common Curriculum is a game changer is lesson planning. The ability to add learning standards and share my plans with others effortlessly is a game changer!

Jason Kinser
Sheffield, Ohio

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Teachers, conquer your clutter

Step 1

Plan your lessons, units, & assignments all in the same place!

Lesson & Unit Planning

Focus on just a single day or zoom all the way out to year-long calendar. Cc organizes all your plans in one flexible calendar.

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Google Classroom Integration.

Automatically post parts of your lessons to Google Classroom. Keep track of your assignments without leaving your lesson planner.

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Attachments & Assignments.

Keep your materials organized and in-sync with your lessons, by adding links and files from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or One Drive.

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Step 2

Align your lessons to standards in seconds

Standards Search.

Search for the topics you need and add them to your lessons with just a click.

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Standards Library.

From the Common Core to Next Gen, we have standards from all 50 states and dozens of national organizations.

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Standards Tracker.

Automatically track which standards you have and haven't planned for, so you can be confident that you've covered everything.

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Step 3

Rearrange your lessons when the unexpected happens

Drag and Drop.

Drag a card between lessons when your students need more time to complete that activity.

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Bump Lessons.

Bump all your lessons forward when off-days, surprise assemblies, and last-minute changes get in the way of your teaching.

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Rearrange Lessons.

Flexibly rearrange your lessons or units on your calendar as your plan out your year.

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Admins, get all your teachers on the same page

Step 1

Standardize your school's lesson planning format

School-Wide Templates.

Create school-wide lesson plan templates so your teachers can be confident they're meeting expectations.

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Collaborative Groups.

Invite your teachers to a school group and host all of their lesson plans on one organized page.

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Give your teachers the joy of a lesson planner that they will love using, day after day, week after week.

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Step 2

Help your teachers grow as instructional planners

Lesson Comments.

Visit any teachers' planbook at any time and leave them helpful comments, right on their lesson plans, no binders required!

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Sharing Lessons.

Encourage your newest teachers to borrow ideas from the most experienced educators in your building.

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Reusing Planbooks.

Let your teachers reuse their lesson plans with one click, so they can build on and improve their ideas, year after year.

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Step 3

Make collaboration a weekly habit for your teachers

Simultaneous Co-planning.

Have teachers that teach the same content area? They can plan lessons together, online, at the same time. Two heads are better than one!

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Differentiate for Special Education.

With Cc, your special educators can add differentiation to any teachers' lesson plans at any time!

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Cross-Curricular Planning.

Help your grade-level teams plan unique and engaging cross-curricular lessons, by referring each others plans in their own lessons.

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