Don't Plan Alone
Join thousands of teachers using Cc to hack their lesson planning.

All sorts of teachers love using Cc!


5th Grade


Backwards plans his lessons, to-do lists, and dance moves.


High School


Loves detailed lesson plans, post-it notes, and highlighters.




Loves efficiency. Teaches too many classes. Hates wasting time.


2nd Grade

All Subjects

Keeps it simple. Seriously.

Lesson & Unit Planning

Lesson and Unit Planning

Align your plans to standards…in seconds

Searches for Standards

Joyce finds the standards she needs after she’s written her lessons for the week. Goodbye state websites!

Adds Standards to His Units

George lays out the standards he needs to cover during each unit, and references them later while he writes his lessons.

Automatically Tracks Her Standards

Jada loves that Cc automatically keeps track of which standards she's taught and which she still needs to cover.

Lesson and Unit Planning

Cut hours off your planning time each week

Likes Short Agendas

Tom keeps his lessons short & sweet with a simple agenda every day.

Scripts Her Lesson Plans

Jada handcrafts long scripted lesson plans, and likes to practice them before she teaches.

Backwards Maps His Units

George maps out his units before the year starts, to make sure his students are always on track.

Prints her Lessons with One Click

Barb likes to print her whole week with one click, so she can quickly reference them while she teaches.

Lesson and Unit Planning

Don't start from scratch. Reuse your lessons every year!

Reuses All His Plans Each Year

Tom has been teaching the same content for a while so each year he just copies his entire planbook with one click!

Reuses Just a Few Units Each year

Jada didn't love every unit she planned last year so this year she's only importing the ones she likes.

Searches for Past Lessons

George loves searching for cool lessons he’s taught so he can recycle the activities that were a hit with his students.

Cc gets you Organized


Customize your planbook so that it fits like a glove.

Plans All His Classes in One Place

Tom splits his 2nd Grade planbook up into multiple classes so that he never misses anything.

Uses a Rotating Schedule

Jada uses Cc to keep track of her high school's rotating schedule so she doesn't have to update her calendar by hand.

Writes Notes Next to Her Lessons

Joyce likes to leave notes for herself throughout the week so that she's on top of everything she has to do outside of class.


Keep your units & lessons organized. All year long.

Drags Activities Between Lessons

George moves activities forward when his lessons take longer than expected

Changes His Units Throughout the Year

Tom stretches his units when he needs to make space in his instructional calendar

Bumps Lessons Forward

Jada bumps her lessons around holidays and the surprise assemblies her school is so fond of throwing.

Cc is Built to Share


Share with your admins and colleagues... minus all the emails

Prints Sub Plans in Seconds

Tom leaves a printout of his whole day when he’s going to have a sub in his room. Super easy sub-plans!

Shares With Her Admins

Jada sends her admin a link to her planbook so she doesn't have to update her lesson plan binder anymore.

Writes Plans with His Co-Teacher

George and his co-planner write lessons in the same planbook so they can divide and conquer their work!

Borrows Lesson Plans

Barb borrows plans from other teachers in her department when their lessons inspire her.


Keep your students and their families in the loop.

Manages his Google Classroom Assignments

Tom manages all his Google Classroom assignments while he plans his lessons!

Posts Homework on a Class Website

Joyce uses her Cc class website to automatically post homework every day for her students.